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Skopje, 18.04.2017

Customs inspectors of the Operational matters Department sized 7 kg of heroin at the border crossing point Bogorodica.

On 15th April 2017 at about 20:15 h, a passenger motor vehicle with Serbian license plates, driven by a Serbian national arrived at the border crossing point Bogorodica, entry section. Asked by the customs officer if he had anything to declare to Customs, he said he had nothing to declare. However, during detailed search  control of the vehicle in two batteries, one of which was placed under the hood and the other in the boot, the customs officers found 14 packages wrapped with duct tape filled with brown powder, which was confirmed to be heroin with a drug tester with a total weight of 6.9 kg.

The suspect had purchased the heroin in Istanbul, Turkey and intended to transport it to Novi Pazar, Serbia. Against the suspect, the Customs Administration pressed criminal charges for "unauthorized manufacture and sale of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors" to the Public Prosecutor in Veles. The suspect was brought before a judge in the preliminary procedure.


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